original bike sharing


Activate your employees.

Your employees always cycle 60 minutes per rental free of charge.

Reduce employee mobility expenses considerably: with a maximum of € 5 per employee per month, you are already on board.

Well connected: Integrate your company / branches into our worldwide mobility network. In Germany we are available in over 60 cities.

Very good availability: As market leader in Germany, you have access to thousands of wheels around the clock.

Tariff for companies

Bookable from a company size of 50 employees

Company size


50 - 100 Employees
4 € per month and employee
101 - 500 Employees
3 € per month and employee
> 500 Employees
2 € per month and employee

Per rental 60 free minutes

Your employees can access our entire bike sharing system in Germany

Free rentals in over 60 German cities

Simple registration via company e-mail address

If desired, a virtual station at your company location

Your statement against climate change

Active and climate-friendly mobility

With the BUSINESSbike, your employees are on the move in a sustainable and climate-friendly way. As part of your corporate benefits, you also actively promote the health and motivation of your employees.

Cost-effective and attractive

Use the opportunity to significantly reduce your mobility costs. With the fastest means of transport within 5 km, unnecessarily expensive taxi rides are now a thing of the past.

Healthy lifestyle

Contribute to the health of your employees and increase their productivity.


Take advantage of the saving benefits of the BUSINESSbikes and offer your employees an alternative to the corporate car.

Environment and CSR

Every ride on the employee bike reduces CO² emissions, relieves the urban infrastructure and enriches your corporate culture.

All from one source

You have no additional work – nextbike takes care of maintenance, repairs and logistics.

Get in contact with us

All employees of your company drive 60 minutes per rental free of charge throughout Germany (valid in all systems except Usedom, Bremen, Kiel, Munich and Nuremberg). Additional trips and service fees are paid by the employees themselves.


      First Name (Mandatory)
      Company (Mandatory)
      Phone Number (Mandatory)



      Enter your number of employees on the basis of which we will subsequently determine a price. Are you exclusively interested in our BUSINESSbike product at a certain company location? Then enter the number of your employees only for the location.

      Total number of employees



      E-mail ending
      (ending of the client e-mail address: e.g.: [NAME]@company.com)



      The use is generally possible throughout Germany (exclusive systems in Usedom, Bremen, Munich and Nuremberg). Exceptions can be made for companies that have several locations, but do not want to contract the BUSINESSbike for all locations.

      Single Cities (Mandatory) (specify desired cities)



      The contract period is agreed individually between the contractor and the client.

      Date of contract start (Mandatory)



      In addition to the BUSINESSbike we offer you the possibility to provide a virtual station at your location (not structural, visible in the rental app) with a desired number of bikes.*

      Location of the station (desired address)
      Deployment interval (1x daily (Mon-Fri) or 1x weekly)


      Numbers of bikes Weekly Provision (price per week) Monthly Provision (price per month)
      5 250 € 500 €
      10 500 € 1.000 €
      *Subject to your location being within our rental service area. If the location is outside of the rental area, an individual pricing will be made. Constructional stations can also be inquired upon request.