Public transport
Bike sharing as flexible option for door-to-door mobility chain.
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Smart mobility
nextbike’s stations and bikes feature the most current technologies. Watch our video!
Around the world
nextbike and its partners operate more than 20,000 bikes in 14 countries. Join the network!
  • Bike Sharing Systems
    Bike Sharing Systems nextbike has become one of the leading manufacturers and operators in the market for sustainable...
  • Advertising
    Advertising nextbike will set your outdoor advertising in motion. nextbikes are extraordinary mobile advertising media and...
  • CampusBike
    CampusBike Most universities are contending with traffic congestion issues as well as limited student parking on...
  • BusinessBike
    BusinessBike More and more companies are supplementing their vehicle fleet with bicycles. nextbike offers companies mobility...


  • MOL Bubi Budapest
    Launched in September 2014, the Bubi bike sharing program serves the historic city of Budapest. It is...
  • BYKYstations Dubai
    In spring 2013, BYKYstations started with 50 bikes and ten stations at two different clusters – at...
  • University of Stirling
    With around 15,000 students and staff, the University of Stirling is a key educational institution for the...
  • nextbike Glasgow
    The scheme in Glasgow with 400 bikes and 31 stations has been very popular with over 35,000...
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  • nextbike Cologne launch in 2015
    Starting next spring, nextbike’s customers will be able to cycle in Cologne, Germany. The system will start with 910 bikes.... more
  • Launch of nextbike Stirling
    nextbike Stirling was launched towards the end of September. After Bath and Glasgow, this is the third city that nextbike... more
  • Launch of MOL Bubi
    The Bubi bike sharing program was launched in the historic city of Budapest in September 2014. The project started with... more