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Taylor-made systems from a single source

nextbike understands the market dynamics of bike sharing and is able to share best practices with partners and customers.


Station-based systems

Bikes can be rented and returned at fixed stations. They can be marked with a terminal or a sign to increase the public awareness. 


Flex zone

In these free-floating systems with geo-fenced boundaries, bikes can be returned anywhere. It gives users a maximum of flexibility within the city center. 


Hybrid system

This is a combination of both system types. Stations within the flex zone ensure that a specific amount of bikes will be available at heavily frequented sites such as train stations. 

Ten years of experience

nextbike was founded in 2004 in Leipzig, Germany. Ever since it has become one of the leading producers and operators of bike sharing systems around the world.

All under one roof

nextbike designs and manufactures almost everything in-house - from software to hardware. This allows us to work quickly and more flexibly while keeping costs down.

Pioneering technology

Starting with a basic bike rental system, nextbike evolved to a technology driven bike sharing company. Today our bikes, terminals and also our IT infrastructure are based on state-of-the-art technologies such as NFC, GPS, RFID, solar power and mobile payment.

Custom solutions

All our products - from hardware to software - are designed and developed in-house and are compatible with each other. This approach allows us to have agile processes in order to meet individual needs in a cost-efficient way.

Sustainable business model

nextbike has developed various products and services to profitably finance operating costs and therefore provide a self-sustaining bike rental solution.