nextbike – Public bike sharing

Whether you are interested in a license partnership, public transport cooperations or individual solutions for cities and regions, we are dedicated to developing long lasting business relations which allow our partners to operate and manage their systems both independently and economically. We ensure successful delivery by acting as technology supplier and adviser to our partners. Our integrative approach means each and every nextbike system benefits from improvements and technical developments introduced across the network.

Public transport cooperations: the intermodal mobility chain

We offer complementary mobility services to public transport operators. With our mobility-as-a-service approach and our ability to integrate seamlessly,we are offering synergies which add value to our cooperation partner and cities. Our terminals and SmartBikes are compatible with all relevant Smart Card standards, which allow us to integrate our system into existing infrastructures. We are successfully running projects with public transport operators in Cologne,Munich, Budapest and many other cities.

Our system: easy, flexible and cost effective

For every situation we offer a tailor-made solution. nextbike bicycles can be placed stand-alone in a geo-fenced service area, at “virtual” stations or docks. Renting and returning works via app, smart card, service hotline or via log-in at terminals or on-board computers.

nextbike SmartBike

  • Rental via App, smart card or login at BikeComputer
  • Mifare compatibility → integration of existing smart cards
  • NFC, GPS, GSM (2G) & WPAN modules for on- & offline communication with Smart Boxes and central server
  • Return possible in docks and stand-alone via integrated SmartLock
  • RFID chip for compatibility with SmartDocks
  • LED signal for status notification