Mobility at work with BusinessBike

Cycling is healthy and eco-friendly. For this reason, more and more companies are supplementing their vehicle fleet with bicycles. This saves money and parking space. BusinessBike provided by nextbike promotes your company at the same time.

Pedal instead of queuing in rush hour traffic

  • Mobile and active employees are more motivated and less sick.
  • The company’s branding on the bicycles guarantees a strong promotional effect.
  • All bikes can be booked in advance with the nextbike reservation system.
  • You receive a statement about the bicycle use by your staff with every monthly invoice.
  • Your employees can use all nextbikes in your city and worldwide.

Bertelsmann about BusinessBike:

"Our motto is 'Move people. Shape future.' This slogan perfectly fits to nextbike. It is not only our concern to stimulate social progress, but also to move people in the full sense of the word. Now, we do this at our location in Gütersloh with nextbike rental bikes. They attract interest, are fun and also pretty cool." Armando Garcia Schmidt (Project Manager – Program Sustainable Policy Strategies)



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