Public bike sharing, advertising and more

Ten years of experience

Since nextbike was founded in 2004, our company has become one of the leading manufacturers and operators in the booming market for sustainable urban mobility, both nationally and internationally.

All under one roof

nextbike designs and manufactures almost everything in-house – from software to hardware. This allows us to work quickly and more flexibly while keeping costs down.

Pioneering technology

nextbike’s stations feature the most current technologies available in the bike sharing industry. In case all docks are occupied on return, the bikes can be parked next to the station. Our smart bikes are equipped with on-board computers and GPS systems.

Custom solutions

From a dozen bikes to large scale projects with several thousand bikes, nextbike develops tailor-made solutions for all types of clients. Using our modular system, customizations such as language, layout or technology tweaks are a part of our daily business.

Sustainable business model

nextbike has developed various products and services to profitably finance the operating costs and therefore provide a self-sustaining bike rental solution.

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